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Lexington, KY – August 11, 2020 - The Universal Public Procurement Certification Council (UPPCC), the recognized leader in universal public procurement certification, announces new examinations for both the Certified Public Procurement Officer® (CPPO®) and Certified Professional Public Buyer® (CPPB®) beginning with the October 18 - 30, 2021, examination window.


The change to the examinations comes after the completion of the most recent universal Job Analysis in June 2020. According to the Job Analysis survey results, 99% of respondents to the CPPO and CPPB survey indicated that the survey described the critical knowledge, skills and abilities required for competent public procurement practice. These examinations are based on the competencies that underpin the profession of public procurement. The CPPO exam focuses on all competencies needed to demonstrate leadership in the six domain areas, while the CPPB exam focuses on the practice-level knowledge required to be proficient in this important work.


The UPPCC is grateful for the commitment to the profession demonstrated by the members of the Job Analysis Task Force, for the support of our partners and for the thousands of UPPCC certificants and public procurement professionals who participated throughout the project.


For additional information, contact: Ann Peshoff, CAE, CMP, Executive Director, UPPCC, or visit the UPPCC New Exams FAQ page.



About the UPPCC

The Universal Public Procurement Certification Council (UPPCC) is an independent entity formed to govern and administer the Certified Public Procurement Officer (CPPO) and Certified Professional Public Buyer (CPPB) certification programs. The CPPO and CPPB programs are highly regarded and respected among procurement professionals and employers involved in the public sector. To date, the UPPCC has certified well over 13,000 professionals primarily within the US and Canada as well as in other nations around the globe.

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