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Applicants considering membership in the Delaware Public Purchasing Association, Inc. should be:

  • involved in public institution procurement and materials management including federal, state, county, municipal and township activities, public school systems, public colleges and universities, hospitals, commissions, authorities and any other political subdivision of the State of Delaware,

  • a full time or part time employee of the above agencies, provided that he or she spends the majority of his/her time involved in purchasing or the materials management function, or

  • a person with full time or part time employment in a position having a direct influence on the public procurement process, such as an elected official, department head, educator, etc,

  • willing to subscribe to and abide by the Code of Ethics as established by the National Institute for Governmental Purchasing.

The Delaware Public Purchasing Association (DPPA) is made up of  professional purchasers and others in related positions from state, county, city and town governmental agencies. DPPA's mission is to obtain membership, participation and support at all levels of government throughout the State; sponsor NIGP educational classes and assist those professionals seeking certification; provide programs and meetings that will help the membership in their daily responsibilities; and provide an opportunity for their members to receive recognition of outstanding performance in public procurement.

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