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Zoom Chapter Meeting

$ 250.00

What better way to have a captive audience of people from several Delaware Agencies then by sponsoring a Chapter Meeting. Meetings are held in March, June, and September, and December. When you sponsor a Quarterly meeting, you will receive up to 15 minutes of presentation during our quarterly Zoom Meeting. As a bonus- you will also get your logo/link on the website and a full page in the quarterly newsletter- Free!  

** This is a Special Price Due to in Person Meeting Restraints ***

The DPPA Website

$ 175.00

Many purchasing professionals throughout the state visit the DPPA website for information and resources. When you sponsor the Website, you will receive:

* Company logo & link to your website on the homepage for 3 month

* Logo / Link  in the Chapter Newsletter- "Delaware Connections" which is published and sent throughout Delaware four times a year.

"Delaware Connections" 



When you sponsor the "Delaware Connections" newsletter, which we publish 4 times a year, you will receive 1/2 page in the newsletter for your Company logo and contact information. Also, you will receive 5 lines of text in a section of the newsletters titled, "Vendor Spotlight."